Tiger Baby

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The core of Tiger Baby

Tiger baby is a new erasing experiment in the construction of decentralized communities.
Tiger baby swap is an international decentralized ecological service platform,Tiger baby swap platform is committed to becoming the world's leading comprehensive platform integrating IP, blind box, metauniverse pet games, NFT collection auction, pledge transaction, defi incubation, cross chain, etc.
Tiger baby is the only functional token for the native governance of tiger baby swap ecosystem. It has the functions of deflation dividend and automatic boost of fomo prize pool. Tiger baby's ultimate goal is to eliminate all zeros and surpass Shib's historical growth record!

Tiger Baby Roadmap

Tiger baby token allocation

Tiger Baby,Total issue 210,000,000,000

20% directly into the black hole for destruction;
50% add pancakeswap LP mobile ore pool (online real-time locking LP);
10% tiger baby is produced through games;
10% DAPP pledge mining;
3% for marketing;
1% airdrop reward;
6% private placement, up to 1BNB per person
Tiger baby ecology

Tiger baby will skillfully innovate and integrate the internal mechanism of decentralized application (DAPP), decentralized Finance (defi), smart contract (mixed mining), non-homogeneous Art (NFT), virtual space-time (metauniverse), and create a unique cluster ecological economic model of tiger baby community, becoming a defi star ecology in one fell swoop!

Tiger baby metauniverse game

The virtual reality 3D world with tiger baby as the circulation medium, NFT non-homogeneous art as the customs clearance key and metauniverse gamefi (game + Finance) as the scene, introduces VR imaging technology, so that participants can have their own separation in a virtual space parallel to the real world and experience the virtual world parallel to the real world.

Tiger baby NFT mall

Tiger baby NFT Mall - private and public NFT exchange media, which is different from the previous NFT mall and supports all NFT non-homogeneous art transactions; It shares unique NFT assets on the shelves, and also provides a trading platform for NFT in the industry. Tiger baby is used as fuel.

Transaction rate

(trading) 18% tax deduction for each transaction;
8% add LP, automatically boost pressure and deepen the depth of the pool;
2% fomo prize pool
2% community operation;
6% static dividend (dividend in local currency, black hole address also enjoy dividend and destroy);
2% tax accumulated to fomo prize pool

The prize pool has two functions:

Function 1: if the pancakes are not exchanged for more than 2 hours, 50% of the Fund (BNB) of the reward pool will reward the person who bought more than 100 million pieces in the last single purchase;
Function 2: when the fomo prize pool is triggered, 50% of the funds will buy back tiger baby in real time and be destroyed automatically.